Photography by Dale - Brandon, Manitoba Photographer

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Wall Portrait

Wall portraits are a great way to enhance your home decor. When you coordinate the right image, frame, and the right wall space, it can truly add to your home in a special way.

Size is determined by the nature of the image you are considering, the actual wall space itself. A good rule of thumb is to measure the wall space. Cut that space in half and that is roughly the appropriate size that professional interior decorators recommend.

The nature of the image will influence size as well. For example, a scenic portrait with a feeling of spaciousness will look better as a larger wall portrait. The size of the subjects heads and the artistic look of these types of portraits are the two main reasons for this. A close, tight cropped composition would, in many cases, do well as a smaller image or combined with several image for a gallery look.

Talk to us about what you'd like to create for your wall and we can share with you ideas and often show you how it would look before you decide what size you'd like.

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