Photography by Dale - Brandon, Manitoba Photographer

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Family Portrait

With a little preparation and planning, you can create the perfect portrait. Clothing and colors are very important factors. If you select and harmonize the right tones, fashions and background setting, your portrait will be pleasing to the eye, it will have the sense of harmony, and balance and will have the look and feeling of a masterpiece. BE CONSISTENT. Choose colors in the same tonal range so that no single member stands out. AVOID busy patterns and contrasting tones. above all, relax and have fun!

Dressing for your portrait session Some more tips...

Group Portraits

Plan clothing style, color and tone very carefully. Try to keep your colors within the group in the same color family, that is, either the warm earth tones or the cool tones. The colors need not be identical like uniforms; they should simply co-ordinate - not clash, to make your group portrait successful. As well as color family, try to keep the tonal range of light to dark similar. For example, a very dark brown and a light beige are in the same color family but opposite in tonal range.

Choose casual styles and colors appropriate to the environment. Denims and leather styles are excellent outdoors. Pastels can suit a similar pastel environment in your home very beautifully. Simple sweaters, jackets and scarves photograph very well.

To summarize, avoid busy patterns, stripes and plaids, or shirts with logos. Wear subtle darker muted solid colors unless you want a special accent or effect. Dress according to the style of portrait you want - formal or casual, sophisticated elegance or character study, indoors or outdoors, etc. Long sleeved garments photograph best. Sweaters, turtlenecks, cardigans and jackets can be used very effectively. V-Necks can have a slimming effect and conversely, a wide-open neck can make the neck appear too wide in photography.

Beautiful posing, lighting and artistic composition cannot correct incorrect clothing selection.

Of course you wouldn't follow every single item listed here to the letter. These are simply ideas. I always recommend that you wear something you feel good in.

Children's Portraits

Small Children

Children can wear colors and styles that are stronger than adults can, successfully in portraits. Generally, children under one year of age should wear lighter pastel shades or white. Also, consider bringing toys or props that have a special meaning. It will give extra security to your child in a strange environment as well as personalize the portrait.

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