Photography by Dale - Brandon, Manitoba Photographer

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Glass vs Lamination Comparison

Can you spot the difference in quality and presentation of these 2 framed prints? I shot both of these framed prints in the studio under the exact same lighting conditions. The Glamour image on the left is framed in a cheap department store frame with glass. Notice how you can see my light source, an umbrella. This could be a window or lamp in your house. Notice how you can also see my reflection in the glass. Also if you look at the top of the print in the middle you can see where it has wrinkled all on it's own. This print has been in this frame for only 2 years and it is already damaged.

Now the wedding image on the right was professionally framed! The print was first laminated and then through a special process was mounted to foam core. The lamination and mounting process protects your investment and ensures that it will last for years to come! As you can see there is a huge difference between a frame purchased at a department store for $20.00 and a print that was framed by a professional!

We take the time to ensure that your portraits get the care they deserve and have them framed professionally!