Photography by Dale - Brandon, Manitoba Photographer

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Can I have color, black and whites or sepia? Are my portraits retouched or enhanced?

In the good old days (up until recent past that is...), retouching was done in a very tedious and time consuming fashion. Nowadays the power of computers has made retouching and enhancing of portraits a much more versatile and creative process...BUT, the skills and techniques have not changed.

It takes skill, talent and a trained eye to apply the right amount of enhancing to portraits. Otherwise you risk the portrait looking too fake. Even extreme is not good. It all depends on your personal taste and the nature of the portrait. For instance, a close up glamour type pose shown below was enhanced for effect.

See the difference:

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Creative Options
Any part or all of your order can be in color, black & white, sepia or any other filters to create a desired effect. Most folks leave the retouching up to us but we are open to your requests. Different effects such as the soft edge vignette offer a timeless feel to some portraits.